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Autopage Data Start System

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Data Start System for Smart Keys & Push Start Vehicles

    • DS-434 is a great add-on remote starter for vehicles with smart keys and push-to-start technology.Its greatest asset is simplified installation with very little analog connections. All functions are performed via data. Its small size has improved range performance over OEM transmitters for remote start.
    • ·New (Two) XT-12 Two-button Mini-size remote transmitters with S.A.W. technology ·New 2-Way data/serial port for integration with ADS bypass modules · Programmable with XT-33 five button transmitter · Upgradeable to 2-way system when adding XT-74LCD upgrade kit · Designed to work with ADS data modules via data control. · Window-mount super heterodyne SAW receiver. RX-57C · 2-Push Safety Start for remote start feature · Analog (-) Parking light flash output · Analog (-) Auxiliary channel output · Analog (-) Horn honk output · Plug-in Push-type Valet/Programming Switch · Plug-in Super Bright LED · Safety (-) Hood pin shutdown input
    • · Ignition control door locks (on / off) · Safety Start Two or one push on the start button (default = 2 Push) · Constant or flashing parking light output · Pathway Illumination (on / off) · 5, 10, 20 or 30 minute runtime