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UltraPower Planet Green Surge Protector

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Planet Green Energy Saving USB Smart Block Surge Protector 5 Total Outlets 3 Switched Dual USB Charging Ports USB Control Key

    • USB Remote On/Off Controller: 3 Energy Saving Outlets On or Off with the press of a button - 3 Energy Saving Outlets: USB Remote turns outlets completely on and off
    • 2 USB Charging Ports:Provides 5 volts, 1.5 amps maximum total for both - Coaxial Cable Surge Protection: Protects against destructive surges riding the coax cable line
    • Energy Saver Indicator Light: A blue LED indicates the 3 Energy Saving Outlets are on - Ground Fault Indicator Light: A red LED indicates the power outlets are not properly grounded - Always On Indicator Light: A green LED indicates the 2 Always On Outlets are active
    • 2 Always On Outlets: Provides continuous power for connected components
    • Manual On/Off and Learning Button: Press the button to power the Energy Saving Outlets On/Off or to sync the Remote Controller with one or more PG-503s